Making Art Happen

This is one of a few tools that caters for collaborative art found on a website that is similar to what i want to have here.

The way it would work is you would have sub pages under the ‘Making art happen’ page with sessions such as ‘session 1′
‘session 2′ and ‘session 3′, each session will have embedded within it a live art pad which is unique, where numerous people can all log on and drawn on a live document together very similar to googgle docs- documents.

This drawing screen is embedded through HTML code and has a individual drawing ID web address where only those who logged onto that session can draw on that specific drawing screen. When saved these images can be save online on the host sites server where you are given a gallery link to share it with others.

the account for geniral users on this site will be contributors which is basic just posting comments and links and pictures so basic users

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