What is a computer ? for nick

a computer is basicly a switch that has too fuctions on and off to which is replicated millions of times to produce what we see as the interface/ machine to which is programed with comards
and responses to set intrustion that are entered into it via a keyborad interface which consits of a spetret device to which each key is a switch of the on/off fuction but sends persific codes of on/ off into the live stream of on/off that is running so long as a eletric pulse is connected and active the interface
ican act on prerecord intrustion that are entered into it on a earilyer date also
, moden computer are eletronic and digital based.
the actual devise is often made of metal and plastic caseing to which housese wires transistors and circuts for eletronic signals to run thorght wires are often made of copper and plastic as copper is a good conduit for eletisity but the circuts are almost like a brain with no one conchuness but put all together this is called hardware and the instrustion that are entered into the computer along with the data signals are called software this builds the basic princeable of a computer

what is a computer
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