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avation exspremal 3d

arrow and reflectionthis seems the most exspreimal way of showing avatoon and abstracted i did try useing a airplane i modled bt that failed    

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website is half finshed

i mangedge to find a plug in to get a plug in so i could put a processing program on my site i foud some code i edited that now edited represent my site its loads of balls falling each other i got them to looks like links in a change that i feel respresents [...]

level design first render 0155

games level design finshed modeling

got it took forever to make the models fit together my water wasnt a great sickess it was abit of gloopy but it in its final stages

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exsprimal 3d

here is another idea i had after seeing mark showing us another years work afew years ago just to use lights


exspremal 3d / avation

wev been set a project to create a single animation to represent the air craft built in kingston iv come up with the idea to use the red arrows ib my animation maybe brake it down and just use the pure colours of the raf logo and the red from the red arrow aircraft   [...]

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fourm edited

iv changed the colour on my villna form to match my site iv so far got 7 members 2people have done drawings for the site  

facebook group

my website Final stages/facebook

iv useing coda and fetch have tweeked the child theme for 2011 theme useing inspect element to create how i want my website to look i manged to set up a facebook page too 

Drawing tool on my site yay

its up there on my site my drawing tool wooo woot

best plugin ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

iv found this awesome plug in that alows me to put anything iv made in processing on my word press blog epicnesss the guy who made the plug in is on this site   which means i can put my drawing program on my site


Website work

over the last few days iv been doing some much needed website work for my project and installed a child theme for 2011 its not easy i feel so stupied i cant even work out how to change the border to be more circle