things protending to be other things

here are a group of things in both the animal kingdon and in real life that take on the idenity of something else the butterfly has eyes on its back to make preditors bleave its bigger then it actchky is

one bread of catipilar has the face of what i can only discrib as a snake on its tail again to word off prediors

the stick insect looks alot like leafs and twigs so it can hide in place site another animal that has done this to keep it self safe

the camelon the most famas creature in the aninal kingdon that takes on the color on what ever its satands on so it can blend it

from animal to human creation

pavment art some pavment arts are painted to look as tho they 3 dimentional to make it seem bleavable as tho its not a pavment

people paint them selfs up to look like stautes they dont move and stand still in persition for a sirton amout of time to give the illooshtion they are not real

drawing that given sirton extra details to make them seem both happy and sad or as tho they are one object and another

and final the army use camo to blend into there siroundings in time of war

  i also found this video which i flet apears to be one thing yet is another i thought it was kina cool


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