hypernatrative response

out of the 9 links

5 have stood out to me


the screen starts of as a radom stream of letters then as more and more time continus words start to form its intresting how the words that are made change into other words and end up being long also the colour changes which i find intresting


i love the intresting contrast of colours and the fact these no direct linea natrative its very inversive you interprate whats going on but with amazing

almost 3d layering and dept gives the images more of direct impact of how its viewd in atlest 3 of the story pictures there seems to be a recuring man or mans image who i asome is the creator this narative is my favor becuse those who are unable to read mite still be able to make and understand story thats natrative each time its followed and read may not be the same


i found it intresting how while having a page that apears black its intresting how its not how its first procered its not infact as empty as it apears to be where links are hidden by clicking on the page  takes you to segments of a poems so depended where and when you click you see different part of the poem changeing its meaning and the understand of the way its understood and seen


the anishel page dose work down to the fact these no plugin on this computer but on the main bio page i found the images at the side of the page very intresting how words converise into a image like the first image is a cude formed by colours of blue green turquise  in the form of a cude consideing of e o b u f i love the second image down the side of the page how the letters blurr into each other out of foucs in blue green orange red

its sireal the feeling i get looking at the blend of what was letter and now a tranfomation of a image these letter images are in them self a natrative in how they continu one after the other the letters are  a  n x i cant make out the last one the next image is of a circle moving so a gif in a trancitional state forming colors of green blue red purple  yellow orange inside the circle the inner images that conside of letters again only this time inn rings o with a guant one in the middle and smaller ones around the outside r with 4 other r around the outside of the large r in the center d  with a large d in the middle and smaller ds around the outside that form a patten making it hard to see a w again a large w in the middle and smaller almost undistigwishable ws around the outside each transition fading almost merging into the next with the colous constently changeing like the weather or the sun as it sets in the sky only these are vibret almost sireal colors

the next image has similaraty to the first in that again its shade like a cude consisting of letters in varations of colours  prodomanatly are blue and green

it seems the over all narative is how letter and words are percived

there construction shape in some cases there misshapeness i feel ads to the message they are trying to portray i will have to read the page in more detail to try and deconstructed the meaming of the letters almost like nanagram





dead drop

andy told us about something cool today its called a dead drop its where a usb is put in a public place and shirmented into a wall somewhere normaily uniceable where people can collect or leave infomation from the us of a usb exstention cable we made one at uni outside the college wonder if anyone will notice

digital natrative presentation

we had to give a presentaion on what owe choicen digital narative was going to be i decide to go with my idea of a virtal persona by creating a online precence in the form of social networking profile and email account it be intresting to see how easy it would be too fake my way thorght some of the most popular soicalnetworking sites

digital natrative exsperiments

as im looking at the idea of a persona and iv been looking at the cindy sherman i thorght i have a go at some visual exspreiments seeing how much i could chnge my aparents and this is the end result i splced a picture of me normail and me dressed up together to show the change

3d chature modeling

this week mark was geting us to model a chature he chose for us todesign its hard as im doing it thorght a simatry object im strugling to aline the pouits as mine seem to have a seem in the middle

digital natraive refences

iv been looking artist that have become diffenet people so to speak or apear as diffenet people i got the idea after looking back t the film s1m0ne and came across cindy sherman a artist who changes how she looks complatey for her photograthy art diffenet peiods and places Home – Cindy Sherman – Photographer, Model, Director, Actor, Avant-Garde Images, Doll Parts and Prosthetics, Movies