Digtal narative

iv found these videos by a bunch of people on youtube called the gregurgeybrothers

they are so cool and have a stronge video digital narative to do with interviews on the news










Gallery 3d print exsibiton/ sencice musem

it was alittle boring that i felt disasoshated with the peices i couldnt see how they related to the 3d printer but i understand they do but its like i would of been better if wed of seen them being made will upload pictures later


eletronicboquice its so weird a week before i go back to uni i see a experdition that mark and andy later ask us to go to it was cool my fav peie was the moiveing text that u can only see thorght ur phone will upload pictures later

coool presentaion

iv just finished making my presentation on cool i bet mark and andy wont like it but will see  it was fun llow i like so many of the products above are screenshots of some of my slides  my sildes

3d printing experdition/ Haywood galley/ bfi

I went to the 3d printing experdition and I saw some amazing model but I felt I couldn’t mentally make a connection between the models a a 3dprinters how ever it has inspired me with a idea for my end of year show in my final year to have a 3d object

I’ve created make fiscal using a 3d printer il have to look into this there’ve I alsowhen to the Haywood and looked thought of the latest artisticbooks weird books