choseing a aparents and gender

this wasnt again a easy thing my choice was few i had at my disposel i could get a friend to possa as this personaly for me with there aparents altued or i could take a person photos or not have photos or dress up my self i felt geting a friend could create probloms like if webcam was requested or even constent access to being able to take pics i didnt want to take anyone elses pictures mainy cos its ellgel and dont want to get done for identy theft and then if i chose not to use anything pictures it makes it seem that the personaty iver isnt genuin or that they are hideing something so i wanted to created to alostion of transparence and realty so i chose to take on the role of the personaty complatey

i kept some things the same about my aparents like my eye colour my eyes are natralty brown iv left little tells like my eye colour the personaty name and last name that give away they ant real for fun if nothing else i want the unreal to apear real without complate deseption hiden in plan sign is evidents that my personaty is fiction by there name for instents and my natrual faceul bone structure no profectis is going to be used to alter my faceul constrution only the aid of a wig make up and faceul accessoies and clothinging

so the fact of the name and being able to relate and projected this in a bleavable way i choce to use a female gender as i have no idea what it intales from being a man and i bleave it may over compicated something unressary


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