today ive updated my profiles status and played a game on facebook to help add to the realism of someone being active on the profile as through the game it posts updates and progress on the wall showing friends how your doing and inviting them to join in.

I’ve also been having convosations with Steve and Mark on facebook to show involvement with other people in the real world.


over the last 2 days i have been trying to build up my social profiles with friends to make “simone nemo” appear more real and fleshed out

so far she has 2 friends “Mark” and “Steven” and with them i am making it look like they know each other outside of being online to give some depth to the character and help makes it believeable that they are real outside of the social sites.

on facebook particualy as well as twitter and myspace simone has been talking to Mark in particular about how they met up that day or just commenting on each others status.

i shall continue to build up her friends list to help give depth to her and help show her as being active on these sites.

twitter trends

how to make people bleave that someones real

seems to big on twitter to have these twitter trends where people post a topic and then lots of people post the same topic with there opinon this mite be a good way to get people to folllow me on there


today i decided to flesh out my online profiles the social network sites that i used in the end are: Bebo, Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. i found these ones easy to use and are the more popular sites used today with these sites i filled out the about me section, what movies music books and activites that my alternative persona enjoy and gave her a more filled out background

all i really need to do now is just use and update the profiles as often as the alt persona would and make her appear active and real i will be doing this constantly over the next few weeks


choicen style

i have chocen a style based on many factors includeing most popular tastes in music fashion and accessores and chosen a emo style

here is the style i decided on and how i incorated some of these eliemts into a style of my creation on me

below inspiration and my out comes of my aparents are said persona (one with  blue hair  is my make over) the location  chose was based to have a very emo feel like retro i mocked up my garden to fit with the look chosening location carefuly i had exspreiment with changeing my lok before and splicing the pictures to fit just to see the diffences in how a aparents can change

chooseing a look

mmmmm iv been decideing on a style for my personaty  so far i short list to iver glamore girl or pretty and punk maybe emo fashison that seems big at the moment heres a short list of hair colors i looked at blonde, red, black,purple,blue, orbon

i looked at diffenet type of make up and hair styles

building a online life

im seting up a number of online profile as the personaty  tho i ran into herdles

and was glad i created a bio in depth as i found a location address in whitehaven and the postcode and used that as the foundation to create the first of the social networking tools i needed for my exspreiment i created a msn account (email address) i choice msn mainy becuse im fairy fomilar with it and its a fairy comment and popular first accont to have and am working thorght createing a facebook as the first of my socialnetworking accounts on a fixed profile pages i found in order to create any online accounts you need a email address hence why i need to make a emil adddress acount first

choseing a aparents and gender

this wasnt again a easy thing my choice was few i had at my disposel i could get a friend to possa as this personaly for me with there aparents altued or i could take a person photos or not have photos or dress up my self i felt geting a friend could create probloms like if webcam was requested or even constent access to being able to take pics i didnt want to take anyone elses pictures mainy cos its ellgel and dont want to get done for identy theft and then if i chose not to use anything pictures it makes it seem that the personaty iver isnt genuin or that they are hideing something so i wanted to created to alostion of transparence and realty so i chose to take on the role of the personaty complatey

i kept some things the same about my aparents like my eye colour my eyes are natralty brown iv left little tells like my eye colour the personaty name and last name that give away they ant real for fun if nothing else i want the unreal to apear real without complate deseption hiden in plan sign is evidents that my personaty is fiction by there name for instents and my natrual faceul bone structure no profectis is going to be used to alter my faceul constrution only the aid of a wig make up and faceul accessoies and clothinging

so the fact of the name and being able to relate and projected this in a bleavable way i choce to use a female gender as i have no idea what it intales from being a man and i bleave it may over compicated something unressary


Choice reasoing / bio

decideing what kind of bio my chature was going to have isnt easy infact its a head ache so many choices so many things to concider

the basic personalty bio is as follows

Name Simone : i choice the name simone as i was inspired by the film S1m0ne

the meaning of the name is sim-one (simulation one) i felt the same was aproeate for my virtal personalty as in a sence they are a situation of my creation that egzits only in virtal space

surname Nemo: the sirname i choice after i was trying to find the world simulation in latin as i find it intresting the idea of useing hidden meaning in names and words sadly simulatuion i was unable to find so i chose the latin word (nemo) which has nothing to do with the disney film finding nemo but is the latin word for (no one or no man) and i felt this was acuret as my personalty technial is no one as they dont egzit

Age 18 : i choce the age 18 beuse i felt i could give a acuret protral of a invigle of a age i havent been yet being as im only 23 i wanted my personalty to be of a maturaty yet younge and not too close to my own age and i remember my self at 18 and felt it borders on the relm of maturey and child hood as 17 is regarded and 19 is the road to adult hood in was a nice event middle ground

Location london : i chose london for there current location due to being able to make myperson ingage in current activey or alest seem to like i took a picture of one of the briedges in london and posted it on there facebook pages as if they had gone on a day out its a fairy easy location for me to get to thu making it more engaging hence why i chos london not to mention its quite a large area and gave me lots i could work with

Home town whitehaven : i chocen the location of whitehaven part of the key was in the name i felt my personaly need a safe place a none rurel upbringing a (haven) away from london making any social interaction wih people from london easyer to fabrkate infomation as i doudt very few will know detailed infomation about the area or events tho i will be fairy well versted on the areaso not too get cort out as i want this to see as real and as bleabable as possable