The Creature creation

Above are diagrams of the circuits that make up the connection to the Arduino boards.

To make the creature I used the Polymorph putty which I found very easy to do and very strong so it wasn’t fragile like the first creature I made using molding clay. I made it in parts and gradually built it up ¬†The great thing about it is if there is a part I don’t like I can always heat it up and remold it. I made the head last as I needed to add the LED’s to it and build around it. I had so solder the LED to longer wires so that it would reach out from the Arduino.

Here are the development shots


i was also asigned the task to put together the credits

in the end i did the credits in adobe premiem which id never used before i was really happy with them they are composed of mario font with a white back group keeping to the style of the intro

Professional Practise – My professional life essay

I’ve been thinking about what i want to do when I leave and i wasn’t sure, it really upset me i wasn’t sure what to devote my self too and came across a video narrated by Alan Watts. I didn’t feel quite bad after.

Shortly after purely by coincidence, I had a conversation with my cousin asking me to illustrate his books after seeing some of my drawings and concept work i had done for my projects.

hes writing 3 books one a book on estortic and 2 storys along with creating a tarot card deck he would like me to design with him in addiction to this my cusion and i are talking of doing a ardiunio project together to promote my skills and to refine his

this is the finshed essay Charlotte Everett РMy professional Life May 2013 v2



Professional practise – Changing colour

I decided to change the colour of theme from blue to grey so it’s not so overwhelming on the eye and added contact details and a bio about myself. It was hard thinking what to say but this is one version of what i wrote:

I’v walked many paths before this one, & have many to walk still before the end it’s hard to define my self as the god head is not a object of its own knowledge, but its fascinating and so Mysterious when faced with the question who am i, in these pages of my life which the book is open on I’m am dabbling in digital art, & will enjoy this fascinating preoccupation till at which time I find it’s end,

"Charlotte Everett"