double project – project zero

horror in games

iv also been looking at a serise of games called project zero

the games revolve around a mystery camrea and ghosts with unsirspecting chatures

these games are one of the creepyest scary ghosts games iv ever played often leaving a feeling of wondering if your alone which is clever for a game to be able to acheve that i lov the use of bright colours and it makes is seem more mysterus and supernatral

i think alot of the scary atomas fear is put together by the sounds and the absense of being able to always see whats there things happon with no aparent calls

project zero 1 trailer

Project zero 1 trailer – YouTube

Fatal Frame #1 Trailer – YouTube

project zero 2

Project Zero 2 (Fatal Frame) – Wii Trailer 零〜zero〜 – YouTube

Project Zero 2 Wii : Launch trailer – YouTube

project zero 3

Project Zero – History 3 (Tormented trailer) – YouTube

Fatal Frame 3 Japanese preview video – YouTube

Project Zero 3 The Tourmented – Trailer – – YouTube

project zero 4

Fatal Frame 4 Official Trailer-English Translation – YouTube

Fatal Frame 4 – Somnus with sounds – YouTube


music video for the sound track

[ Fatal Frame 2 ] Chou – Amano Tsukiko – English Sub & Singable Lyrics – YouTube

Tsukiko Amano – Koe – Fatal Frame III 天野月子 「聲 」 Project 零~刺青の聲~ – YouTube

Tsukiko Amano – Just call my name – YouTube



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