Designing the outside of “Eye in a box”

After I got the “Eye in a box” moving how I wanted with the two servos I then had the problem of covering up the hole that the eye was peeking through without restricting the movement. I then thought about how it would look to make it seem as if the eye had burst thorgh the hole, so I got a piece of plywood and used a chisel on it to splinter the wood showing its layers, then glue that to the front of the hole not completely covering it but enough so the hole is fairy covered. I then painted it in teek to give it a dark wood finish.



professial practise – my website changes

after talking to mark and us both agree my website was the complate opersit of my horror site which was good it was too garden house so i changed it to blue and i added sub catgorties for my diffenet projects and skills which i added i also added icons of feeds to be followsed of but later decided to remove them here are too screenshot of my changes to the templates and content

professial practise – my website

iv started creating my website again this time calling it portfilo

and the layout i have made in artisteer with a banner and menu under that in with a over feel of it is green and bage with my branding being my name and a fraze i say that bleave is true, with little leafs at the top

fraze below

“in the simplest thing there is compliexy”

i wanted this as part of my branding as iv come to relise looking things ezample  at a cude in 4d cinemra that tho it look so simple its made of so many polygones tho it is simple it is so complex

also on my template on my welcome page i got icon of the software im most adempt at

with a place holder images that looks horror but till i have decide whats going there it will stay

file of template below



Further construction of Painting

Once I printed out the picture I was going to use I carefully cut out the eyes and cut out a section of the back of the picture frame so i could fit eyes throught. I had to choose smaller eyes than last time, these were 3 mm. Again I got some polymorph putty and fitted them around the eyes and to another universal joint. I used to universal joints in creating this picture and again some carbon fibre tubes. I then built a small frame which had a piece of wood at the back which i made 2 holes in to fit the carbon tubes through, I then fitted the Arduino board to the wooden frame I had made and connected a motion sensor and servo. There is only one servo in this Painting setup that controls the movement of both eyes moving them left and right. It is placed in the middle between two peices of wood right in the center of the paintings eyes placed on the frame. Using thin wire which is connected to one side of the servo and then to one eye and the repeated on the other side, the left and right movements can be controlled at the same time. The eyes are secured in place with the piece of the picture frame backing that I had removed earlier. The wooden frame for the servos I made is held in place by glue.


Fitting the universal joint into the “Eye in a box”

These are diagrams of the circuit used for the “Eye in a box”.

Once the eye and the universal joint were connected I then fitted them to the inside of a wooden box i had brought. to this box I had made a large hole in the front for the eye to to show then using two slats of wood I fitted them inside the box and made a hole going through the front one for the carbon fibre tube to go through. I then cut the carbon fiber down and made it smaller so that it would fit better. I then attached 1 servo per peice of wood and put the eye in place and screwed in 2 hook in the sides of the plastic mounts of the eye and connected a thin peice of wire both going from the servo to the hook on the side of the eye. I had to do this to both servos and connecting them to both hooks so when one servo moved the eye looked one way and when the other another then when they both moved the eye looked around.

Professional Practise / Double Project – My website sounds

Also I thought it would be cool to add sounds so I found a plugin to go on my website and using the horror sound effects I found and edited together a short sound track for my site with ghosts talking and a little child. Alot of the elements I added to my site I found in artisteer like some falling leafs which I felt added to the creepy feel. It will be interesting to see what Mark thinks of it so far, also I added the menu at the top of the page at the header in front of the banner. I won’t do anymore till i hear what Mark thinks.