Design for Simulation – Final piece blue print plans – Rough

here are my inistal plans to create one stage of my simulation tho this is the largest part of My simulation piece on it’s own it doesn’t show the whole idea, but as this was the most involving to me, i planned the layout and general design.

Second Life

As technology grows so to do the number of people who desire to escape the real world. People wanting to come out of the real world is nothing new, children of many generations pretend to be in an imaginary world be that space men or solders and adults do the same, they join role play groups, live action re-enactments and since the invention of the Internet and online games, virtual worlds have come out of fiction and into reality. One such virtual world is that of the online virtual reality of Second Life, an online community with 3D objects, people and places fixed completely in the virtual world. Some people live out their lives in role play but it can become very real to some people, even to the point of people getting married on there and it becoming recognised in the real world or companies making real money through a shop set up on Second Life.

Mayan – end of the world

It’s weird how lots of people belived that on the 21/12/2012 the world would end based on a ancient race who wrote up a calendar spanning 26,000 years that suddening ends. The world didn’t end but in the weeks building up to that date lots of people had histeria reacted in fear even to the point of wanting to commit suicide or to kill their loved ones out of protection.
This is interesting because even though that race of Mayan’s are long gone and there was no hard evidence to say the world would end people, still believed and feared that it would.

Design for Simulation – 3D model stills

Here are some stills of the 3D models I created to base my design for simulation idea. It’s using random shapes. I wanted to remove any preconceptal meaning from these shapes. I think my idea is very strongly influenced by Plato’s cave as well a Boulrillard as I’m using shadows that makes an image depending how your mind see it, Eg. You see a man holding a trophy then again you might just see funny shapes. Its the same principle as clouds where you try and make them have a meaningful connection to real life things when in fact they are not anything.

creating the design for simulation

Creating the creation for design simulation final peice

part 1 physical piece 3d

I’ll need a wooden box frame 23 inchs wide and 18 inchs high with a thick slat going across the middle of the frame.

3x metal hooks

fishing wire

clay / 3d printer

3 x lights

backing hard board black or white A1 or A2




Saw – the puppet

I have been looking at the Saw films in particular the doll that apears in it and the voice and sound and how it talks throughout a video tape.  I also looked at  what kind of atmosphere is created with the grainy feel to the tape and off set color.  It makes it feel unnatural and aged with the puppets’ red eyes and bullseye over dimpled cheeks, which gives it the look of an unsettling clown with a kind of happiness. The curved yet pointed nose, almost like a bird’s beak, creates this feeling of being disconnected as it is unnatural for puppets to be lifeless yet have a sense of humanism

I want to play a game – Saw – YouTube

Live or Die…Make Your Choice – YouTube

Saw Puppet Scene – YouTube

Saw I (Reverse Bear Trap) – YouTube

hostel – clips

This scene from Hostel really shows people’s desperation when they put their heart into something and when that passion turns bad, you dont see the guy get cut but the sounds make you feel his pain.

Hostel (3/11) Movie CLIP – I Always Wanted To Be a Surgeon (2005) HD – YouTube


and here it is clever how you see the woman’s foot in the wire cutters then it cuts to a girl cutting her nails and another part with the guy’s unsettling happy whistle

Hostel (2/11) Movie CLIP – I Go Home (2005) HD – YouTube

and this last clip has to be my personal favourite  of the girl hanging upside down naked over an empty bath and surrounded by candles the woman clearly loves the thrill of toying with her victim before they die . She seems to love the cries of pain and she seems to lust for it , this is interesting as it provokes the thought of how humans are ultimately still animals and we love the thrill of the hunt and kill .  This can commonly be seen in hunting or shooting for sport  – man’s lust and hunger for the hunt even though we dont need it to survive

Hostel 2 Uncensored Clip – YouTube


Animatic: Sounds

The sounds used in my Animatic include a song called Mad World by Gary Joules. I chose this song because of it’s slow and sad sounding tune which when placed over my Animatic I feel really fit together and draw out a sense of a creepy sadness.

Every time the lights flicker there is an electrical bulb fizzing sound that adds to the impression of the lights playing up. At the end of the Animatic I chose the sound of children being happy, laughing and talking together an abrupt halt by the sound of a car’s breaks screeching. This gives the viewer a chance to make of it what they think has happened for the doll to be left alone. Through the sounds of the children and car I have also placed in a droning sound which I feel adds something creepy and eerie to the audio that is already playing.