toys r scary

After realising a lot of horror films and stories involve toys  I decided to look at scary toys.  I looked a lot at Robbie a pink toy bunny from Silent Hill 3 –  the rabbit looks creepy and  evil as its covered in blood with a overly happy expression.

So I came up with the chature montey the mouse using an over happy smile and adding bloody tears then I modelled it in clay and painted it

Animatic – Reference material

Here are some animatics that have inspired me or I have referenced for my work.

Tim Michins (2011) Tim Michin’s Storm the Animated Movie [Online] YouTube. Available from: <> [Accessed on 15 January 2013]

Nicole M (2010) Toy Story 3 – Bonus Features “Clean Start” [Online] YouTube. Available from: <> [Accessed on 15 January 2013]

simulation – 3d

these are my simulation exsperiments and final idea

double project – the ring / the dark

iv been looking at the film the ring  they play a cursed videotape in it and iv been lookig the actchl video they use and why its scary

The Ring – Cursed Video tape (Good quality. Full original version) – YouTube

its really intresting and again plays very much on sound it reminds me alot of a intro to another horror film i looked at

the dark

The Dark Trailer – YouTube


Animatic: Working in photoshop

Inserting the images of the doll into Photoshop I could have a lot more control over editing them. Using this software I removed the white background surrounding the doll and layered each image over each other in a format that would work in After Effect. With each image now in a different layer I could move, scale and edit each image to animate them together.

These are the pieces that were inserted into Photoshop and edited into the animatic