Design for Simulation – Second Presentation

Here are some stills from my design for simulation journey of concept and shows some of what I looked at and the development of my idea and my idea for the final outcome.

double project other horror games

i looked at afew other games such as hunting ground and kuon and alone in the dark and clock tower  and rule of the rose

alone in the dark 4

Alone in the dark 4 – opening/intro video – PS2 videogame – YouTube

showed again a sense of absense and things apearing and disapearing and things being hidden and half truthes and low ligiting defonly help with the creepy effect


KUON – Trailer – YouTube

again alot of low lighting and the game puts you in a places with rituals an mosters and things apear the sound plays a big part in this game

clock tower 3

Clock Tower 3 – Official Trailer (HD) – YouTube

the hole game is the opersit of most horror games its actchly to run and hide and i found moments where i felt the adrenerin the chature must of felt wondering if il be discoved and geting away in time

hunting ground

Haunting Ground Intro – YouTube

Haunting Ground PlayStation 2 Trailer – Official Trailer – YouTube

again a very uniqure exsprences as these no ral wepons they runing away or if your lucky your dog company buying you some time before u get cort

rule of the rose

Rule of the rose English Opening – YouTube

this game was band in england due to the nature of the fact childen are inflicting volience

its a weird game again with a dog copanyon where you find your slf in diffenet places often between the real and unreal where things are twisted and the childen are far from your friends

simulations – platos cave

in class wev been looking platos cave so i decide to do some reacher on the fable and

found this video i found it really intresting

i also found these images too how it works

and afew websites which i looked at

double project – project zero

horror in games

iv also been looking at a serise of games called project zero

the games revolve around a mystery camrea and ghosts with unsirspecting chatures

these games are one of the creepyest scary ghosts games iv ever played often leaving a feeling of wondering if your alone which is clever for a game to be able to acheve that i lov the use of bright colours and it makes is seem more mysterus and supernatral

i think alot of the scary atomas fear is put together by the sounds and the absense of being able to always see whats there things happon with no aparent calls

project zero 1 trailer

Project zero 1 trailer – YouTube

Fatal Frame #1 Trailer – YouTube

project zero 2

Project Zero 2 (Fatal Frame) – Wii Trailer 零〜zero〜 – YouTube

Project Zero 2 Wii : Launch trailer – YouTube

project zero 3

Project Zero – History 3 (Tormented trailer) – YouTube

Fatal Frame 3 Japanese preview video – YouTube

Project Zero 3 The Tourmented – Trailer – – YouTube

project zero 4

Fatal Frame 4 Official Trailer-English Translation – YouTube

Fatal Frame 4 – Somnus with sounds – YouTube


music video for the sound track

[ Fatal Frame 2 ] Chou – Amano Tsukiko – English Sub & Singable Lyrics – YouTube

Tsukiko Amano – Koe – Fatal Frame III 天野月子 「聲 」 Project 零~刺青の聲~ – YouTube

Tsukiko Amano – Just call my name – YouTube



Double Project – Silent Hill Art

I’ve been looking at what visualy is scary or creepy and alot of the art in silent hill games represents this  these alot of uses of gold yellow orange brown and red colours in the images very autum related also alot of absense of things

Double Project – artist Masahiro Ito

Gallery of Masahiro Ito

Masahiro Ito born 9 November, 1972.

A former Japanese footballer and currently an artist best known for his work with Team Silent on the Silent Hill series of games/films. Graduated from graphic design course the same year he  joined Team Silent back in 1999. One of his most famous creations is the ‘red pyramid thing’ and the ‘lying thing’. A lot of his artwork seems to stem from a fetish interpretation as his monsters exhibit almost a sexualised theme. He really interested me as a horror artist as I’m a huge fan of the Silent Hill franchise and his take on visual horror really plays on the unknown like with his pyramid head creature - what’s under the pyramid, does the creature have a face and with the lying creature which is it wrapped in a bag or skin and the unnatural movement of the creatures

Short film by Mashiro Ito “Fukuro” featureing both the lying thing and the red pyramid.

Fukuro Silent Hill Original Short – YouTube

Making of Silent Hill 2 – featuring interviews with Masahiro Ito

Making of Silent Hill 2 – HQ – YouTube

A review of Silent Hill artist’s work Masahiro Ito

The Art of SILENT HILL 2 – Masahiro Ito (伊藤 暢達) by YoshioKun13