SFX – final video

this is some stills of the final video with intro credits and all the effects

SFX – GROUP WORK effects

bella and yvonne work together on finaliseing the speical effects and we all edited diffenet parts of the animation another of my roles was to aquire the sound for the animation and the add the sound too the final render of the over all animation these are the sounds we used

Mega Mushroom Appear

it was a challene to get the timing of the clips just right

this is one of the videos i exstracted the sound from useing video2mp3



i was also asigned the task to put together the credits

in the end i did the credits in adobe premiem which id never used before i was really happy with them they are composed of mario font with a white back group keeping to the style of the intro

SFX – group project green screen filming

one of the tasks i was asigned was to help sort out a comstume of bella so me and bella went out looing for her comstume after which i started another of my tasks which was to  be videograther of the greenscreen footedge so i filmed all the sense in the story board in the end we decided not to use my star as it was deem unsucessful

here are some stills from the footedge we decided to cut out alot of the story board as we had over complcated it too much and just kept to one seen when we started with 4