google weblab

these are some online exspiments i did on the google web lab this is a simulatns that i took part in and created my own simulatin  useing this the online tools


links below

Sony Handycam with projection

I got this awesome camera!
It’s called the Sony Handycam and it has a built in projector, sadly it’s only an output not a input so I can’t connect it to any computer or PS3 and use the projection as I was hoping but I can load what ever I want onto SD card which is very cool. I’m going to do some experiments for both my simulation project and my inner darkness project.

My new baby!!

Mayan – end of the world

It’s weird how lots of people belived that on the 21/12/2012 the world would end based on a ancient race who wrote up a calendar spanning 26,000 years that suddening ends. The world didn’t end but in the weeks building up to that date lots of people had histeria reacted in fear even to the point of wanting to commit suicide or to kill their loved ones out of protection.
This is interesting because even though that race of Mayan’s are long gone and there was no hard evidence to say the world would end people, still believed and feared that it would.