Final stage of the animation

The final stage of my animation was compiling all of the separate sequences together into one single movie. I did this using iMovie. Once it was all together I then added a filter over the video to create a timed film look. Next I placed an audio track into the film, the same song used in my Animatic, Mad World by Gary Joules. At the very end of the film just before the credits I added the children playing and car braking screech sound effects to finish of the movie and keep it in line with my Animatic.

Final version of animation showing the doll sitting in a corner.

Final animation showing the doll standing with a twisted neck.

Final stages of animation

Nearing the end of my animation I am very happy with the progress that I have made. I am in the process of rendering 9 separate mini sequences of the animation that I will then compile together into one single movie. I’ve done it this way to have a little more control over the render time and if there was any issues after the render I would only have to render that segment rather then the whole animation again.

Doll final renders

Here are some stills of the final doll that I have rendered for my animation. There are in the 6 different positions that I have used.

Doll sitting down

Doll standing up

Doll standing with a large scar on face

Doll standing closer

Doll with a twisted neck

Doll with a twisted back


CGA Inspiration

My inspiration for this project has been numerous from films to animations. The idea for the corridor was inspired by a film called Burton Fink that has a long corridor set in a theme that appeals to me with my Animatic.

The corridor from the film Barton Fink

The design for the character and style have been inspired by a series of images and flash animations created by Katy Towell, known as Childrin R Skary. These animations and images revolve around a little girl who tends to be creepy and sinister yet in her own sweet and innocent way.

Little Ida with her favourite toys and a good book.


Animatic: Sounds

The sounds used in my Animatic include a song called Mad World by Gary Joules. I chose this song because of it’s slow and sad sounding tune which when placed over my Animatic I feel really fit together and draw out a sense of a creepy sadness.

Every time the lights flicker there is an electrical bulb fizzing sound that adds to the impression of the lights playing up. At the end of the Animatic I chose the sound of children being happy, laughing and talking together an abrupt halt by the sound of a car’s breaks screeching. This gives the viewer a chance to make of it what they think has happened for the doll to be left alone. Through the sounds of the children and car I have also placed in a droning sound which I feel adds something creepy and eerie to the audio that is already playing.

Animatic – Reference material

Here are some animatics that have inspired me or I have referenced for my work.

Tim Michins (2011) Tim Michin’s Storm the Animated Movie [Online] YouTube. Available from: <> [Accessed on 15 January 2013]

Nicole M (2010) Toy Story 3 – Bonus Features “Clean Start” [Online] YouTube. Available from: <> [Accessed on 15 January 2013]

Animatic: Working in photoshop

Inserting the images of the doll into Photoshop I could have a lot more control over editing them. Using this software I removed the white background surrounding the doll and layered each image over each other in a format that would work in After Effect. With each image now in a different layer I could move, scale and edit each image to animate them together.

These are the pieces that were inserted into Photoshop and edited into the animatic

Animatic: Storyboard and ideas

Here is a story board detailing the events of my animatic.

Here is my first idea draft of what would happen in my animatic.

Here is page 1 of my storyboard for my animatic showing a doll suddenly appear

This is page 2 of my storyboard showing the doll moving closer every time the lights flicker.

This is page 3 of my storyboard. It shows the doll moving a lot closer

This is the final page of my storyboard. It shows the dolls eyes glowing in the dark before the lights come back on and he lunges at the screen.

CGA Character design

The design for my character was inspired by the artwork used from a website that produces flash based animations called Childrin R Skary ( as well as how I would imagine a doll would look being creepy and hurt from being left alone.

Here is the front and back design of the doll for my Animatic & Animation