Sketchbook – double project

these are my initial plans and ideas for how to make my four creations. Some are successful and some are failures but these are how i planned out some of the process.

Pulsating box with moving lid

I first brought a perspex box with no lid and then I got a perspex sheet and cut a lid out to go onto the box to which I then added hinges so that it can open and close freely. Inside the box i fitted a peice of wood with a short block of wood stuck to it, to the front of the box. On this peice of wood I attached a tiny geared motor with a cam follower which I thought was really cool being so small. Alongside this inside the box are 3 green leds that have been solded to wires to make them longer. The code for the LED makes them pulsate and the geared motor turn repeatedly to allow the cam follower to flip up the lid of the box making it bang down. Then I  painted the box black and eched into the paint, vains to show the light of the LED shinning through.

Professional Practise – My website is finished

Here is the final version of my website, most of the content is up there now I just need to add my double project :)

SFX – final video

this is some stills of the final video with intro credits and all the effects

Professional Practise – Work for showreel

I have started looking at work for my showreel and deciding what I’m going to have in it and so far iv decide to have:

  • 7 images I did in photoshop
  • My glow animation for game design
  • My rigged creature
  • My creature animation
  • My corridor from animation model

i haven’t finished my double project if I have time I’ll add that too.

Just got to start looking at music.

SFX – GROUP WORK effects

bella and yvonne work together on finaliseing the speical effects and we all edited diffenet parts of the animation another of my roles was to aquire the sound for the animation and the add the sound too the final render of the over all animation these are the sounds we used

Mega Mushroom Appear

it was a challene to get the timing of the clips just right

this is one of the videos i exstracted the sound from useing video2mp3